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We incarnate here on earth to learn, mature, and evolve. Evolutionary Astrology is a tool that can help us to accelerate the process.

The season of great change is upon us

Jun 1, 2021


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The season of great change is upon us.


Great change is a hallmark of eclipse seasons, which we find ourselves in the middle of right now. We just experienced the Lunar eclipse on May 26th, and now we await the Solar eclipse on June 10th. Eclipses usually bring along with them very disruptive and exciting energies which will we will feel on a global scale, but also in our personal lives. To understand where the upcoming Solar eclipse is likely to manifest in your life, look to where 19 degrees of Gemini falls in your chart. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, and would like to learn, I recommend my “Finding your chart” 40 minute instructional video.

To understand the big picture meaning of this eclipse, then we must first explore the other events of the month. The biggest one is the 2nd exact Uranus/Square of 2021. The square is exact on June 14th. As I’ve been describing in all my videos and newsletters, this is the biggest event of 2021, and it’s at a high peak this month. On a global level, I would describe the friction of these two planets as: individual freedom (Uranus) and social limitation (Saturn). Uranus likes to be a bit of a rule-breaker, and doesn’t like to feel hemmed in. The Uranian impulse is to be freedom seeking, and it hates it when it feels the walls closing in.

Enter Saturn: the walls. Saturn likes structure, order, consistency, practicality, and control. In 2021, Uranus is feeling claustrophobic, and is throwing elbows wildly. Think of the freedom fighters of Star Wars stuck in the trash compactor of the evil empire. There’s a sense of urgency to regain personal sovereignty before all is lost. Meanwhile, Saturn is fearful of a loss of its control, and is tightening its grip in reaction. Saturn also fears disorder and chaos, which is definitely within Uranus’s wheelhouse as well. Ideally, we find a happy compromise between these two very different impulses, but with square aspect this is easier said than done.



We complicate this further by adding in the Eclipse, which ramps up the energy tremendously. This eclipse happens in the sign of Gemini, and in a near exact conjunction with Mercury in Gemini. Mercury is the planetary ruler of Gemini, and whenever a planet is in its own sign, look out! This is a heavy mercurial blast of energy this month. All eclipses happen near to the nodes of the moon, which are in the Sagittarius/Gemini axis. I’ve talked about this many times already, but basically this points to our collective karma, as we try to become less dogmatic about what we believe (dark side Sagittarius), and try to perceive reality more clearly (high end Gemini).

Generalizing here, but people’s beliefs have become much more dogmatic and fanatical because of the pressure cooker that has been the stressful events of the last year+. Many people are taking sides, as they fuel their beliefs in echo chambers. Broadly speaking, we have the more “Uranian” dogmas, vs. the more “Saturnian” dogmas. Blinded by passionate group thought forms and emotional forms, each team can only see the insanity of the other team instead of the wisdom, and there is both wisdom and insanity on either side. This feeds into the illusion of separateness and polarity consciousness, and drives us further apart.

How do we counteract that? Well, by embracing the idea that we don’t have all the answers, but they sure are fun to look for (Gemini)! Striving to embody (in all dimensions), the highest expression of Gemini: An open mind. Open conversation without dogmatic fervor can be helpful, as we try to understand each other better. In a lot of cases, that won’t even put a dent in the tension between opposing ideas, because many are so fixed on being right. Luckily for us, the synchronistic field will help us along in this process of opening our mind. The nodes will continue to be in Sagittarius/Gemini until the end of 2021, and as I said about this back in a September 2020 video, I expect some major truth bombs while north node is in Gemini. Although the nodes spend about 18 months in a given sign axis, I think these truth bombs are most likely to come this month or next month.

These truth bombs, although they will likely be jolting, will wake many more of us up, and snap us out of our illusions. This is required for us, as a collective, to raise our consciousness. This will likely be a rather confusing month as well. That’s because we have Neptune squaring Mercury all month. Mercury represents two things: One is our mental model of the world, so it’s intellectual and cognitive, and the other is our sensory perception of this world. Neptune on the other hand, is other worldly. It represents the process of our spiritual evolution, and represents higher dimensions of “reality”. Our minds meet the One Mind, hence the potential confusion and disorientation possibilities. However, if we work with the energies instead of letting them just run through us unguided, we can achieve the higher octave intention which is mind-training. A perfect month to train our psychic muscles which for most of us have atrophied. Meditation will be one of your greatest allies this month. Focus specifically on meditation techniques that work the muscles of concentration and observation.



This is perfect because of the data coming in this month probably won’t match up with your constructed mental model of what is supposed to be. The question is, will you be ready for what’s to come? Mind-training is key here. Since we are on the subject of higher dimensions, this reminds me of someone’s story I heard on a podcast recently. This fellow wanted to meet a higher dimensional being, so every day during his meditations, he would call out and set a strong intention to meet these beings. He leveraged the law of repetition to bring about this reality. Well, one night, it happened. When this woman appeared in front of him in a wispy form, he completely froze in shock and fear, and she basically told him telepathically, “Honey, you aren’t ready for this”, and then she disappeared.

This story is a useful metaphor for a similar reaction many people will have to the new information coming in. Those who will be ready, are those who have prepared their mind and hearts for a new way of life, and a higher level of understanding. I’m excited, I just hope that excitement doesn’t devolve into shock as revealing occurs, but I feel I’m prepared (famous last words), haha!


The mantras for the month:

Whatever I believe reality to be, it’s not quite that. I’m open to shock, surprise, wonder, and awe.

We are all the same, divine radiance.

These are the core evolutionary intentions, with the goal always – to expand our consciousness.


Your ally in evolution,

Astrologer at


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