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We incarnate here on earth to learn, mature, and evolve. Evolutionary Astrology is a tool that can help us to accelerate the process.

Tension, expansion, liberation

Apr 1, 2022


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Tension, expansion, liberation.

April is one of the most powerful months of 2022. The energies of this month are complex and dynamic. The most dramatic event is the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction that happens officially on April 12th, but very active now of course. I don’t want to start with that though. Let’s explore the progression of the month through tension, expansion, and then liberation.


The month starts off explosive with the Aries New Moon and the Saturn/Mars conjunction. Mars the War God rules the sign of Aries, so a lot of Warrior energy to go around. Generalizing a bit here, but many people will be more fiery the first 10 days of the month. More reactive, and potentially more impulsive. “Trigger happy” is a phrase that comes to mind.


As Mars meets up with Saturn, it’s a classic trigger signature, where big events tend to happen on the world stage. For better or for worse, Mars will make its presence felt. Mars deals with conflict, rage, fear, and righteous indignation. It’s interesting that as soon as Mars got within range of Saturn, Will Smith smacked Chris Rock across the face – a perfect metaphor for what these energies can feel and look like.


Let’s keep an eye on the higher ground though – Mars/Saturn interactions are connected to incredible acts of heroism, the ability to steel ourselves in the face of extreme hardship, and stoic determination. Saturn represents difficulty, and Mars is about becoming stronger as we face extreme resistance. That’s really a core evolutionary intention here.




Then, April 12th happens. Jupiter and Neptune come together in the sky in Pisces! This is a very different set of energies. I’ve been talking about it a lot already this year, but here’s the quick recap: The core evolutionary intention of this event is to spiritually evolve, and there’s no better time to do just that. It’s “in the air”, so to speak. Neptune represents the process of raising our consciousness, and this is amplified by the expansive quality of Jupiter. Boundless expansion in our spiritual development, if only we claim it. How do you do that? Look to where this conjunction is in your chart, and also where Neptune is in your birth chart.


As you contemplate these archetypes in your life this month, ask yourself these core evolutionary questions:

What do I need to claim in my life to help me spiritually evolve?

What do I need to release in my life to help me spiritually evolve?

How am I underestimating my spiritual development?

A core prescription for this month is to meditate your buns off, but maybe use a butt pillow so that intention doesn’t become literal! A worthy goal.





There are specific meditations and spiritual practices that are ideal for you, and that’s reflected by your own Neptune placements in your chart. If you want to learn how to work with Neptune in your life in a deeper way, I recommend joining me in my 4-hour Neptune intensive workshop I’m calling “Unlocking Your Inner Mystic”. In fact, I’m doing this webinar in celebration of this Neptune/Jupiter event, which hasn’t happened in Pisces since the 1850’s. Learn more about the live class here:


At the end of the month, there’s a third energy shift, because we have a partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus. It will be right next to Uranus, “The Great Awakener“. Known also as the God of Earthquakes and Lightening Bolts. This can have a literal connection to seismic activity, but that’s just one symptom of the Uranus disruption and instability qualities. The evolutionary intent of Uranus, is to shake things up, so we can invent, innovate, and liberate ourselves from previous paradigms.

Tension, expansion, liberation. The expansiveness will be felt all month and the next, but it’s also book ended by the more explosive potential of Mars and Uranus energies. The question becomes, amidst the chaos, can we stay centered in unconditional love while experiencing this conditional hell? The answer is yes, but it will require great fortitude in your spiritual resolve, as you try to master your inner Spiritual Warrior.


These are the core evolutionary intentions, with the goal always – to expand our consciousness.


Your ally in evolution,

Astrologer at


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