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We incarnate here on earth to learn, mature, and evolve. Evolutionary Astrology is a tool that can help us to accelerate the process.

Remembering the art of simplicity…

May 6, 2021

I see May as three primary distinct energetic signatures. Firstly, this month starts off with almost half of the planets in one sign, Taurus. Taurus reminds us of the things we’ve always known in the roots of us – that the simple things are the important things. Taurus represents the process of mastering the art form of simplicity. The last year or two have been quite the opposite of simple. It’s been extraordinarily complex and intense. We are still living in this intensity of course, but Taurus is now knocking on the door of collective consciousness, and inviting us into its animal wisdom. Taurus the Bull is the main archetype, but really it represents any animal.

An animal’s life is really quite simple. It lives solely by instinct. Animals aren’t caught up in the insanity of a humans mind and daily thought processes, for example. They are forever caught up in the present moment. Living one moment to the next as if that’s all there is. There’s a spiritual beauty and wisdom in that. This month is reminding us, that although we are caught up in a very difficult timeline, it’s important to return inward and to that present moment awareness. It’s so easy to think about the way things were in the past, or to be fearful about the future we are co-creating, Taurus is saying go within and return your awareness back into your body. Breath in, breath out. Connect with your body and your environment.

One of the best ways to do this is to get out into nature this month, repeatedly. Tap into that ancient essence of the earth and nature. Close your eyes, breath, and listen to the birds chirping and the water flowing. Live as best you can through the five senses, and the eternal now. Yes it’s crazy and chaotic in our world, true, but it’s important to return to the simple things. It balances us out, and stimulates an inner calm, and that is balm to our souls now.

Also, we also have a lot of Gemini energy this month. This is more active and energetic. Mercury will enter Gemini, its own sign, on May 4th. Venus will join Mercury in Gemini on May 9th, and then towards the end of the month we will have a Lunar eclipse on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. This is a very lively energy, and how we can best use it in our personal lives is to keep your mind active in specific ways. Like learning, writing, teaching, engaging with other people. Especially with Venus in Gemini it seems to be focused on communication within relationships. Venus is the Goddess of Love, and Mercury is the worlds most underrated love god, because it’s the planet of communication. This month, there’s the focus on flowing communication being the essence of intimacy. It’s a very flirty and playful energy as well, and follow that playfulness towards mind stimulation, and learning more about yourself and others through cerebral connection.

The third energetic theme is Jupiter entering its own sign, Pisces, on the 13th. It will stay in Pisces until late July, so we get a 2.5 month exposure to this powerful event. Whenever a planet is in its own sign, it is quite powerful. Jupiter, The Greater Benefic, The King of the Gods, in the sign of the Mystic and Dreamer. This is quite auspicious, and although the ongoing Saturn/Uranus square is the major challenge of this year, and will continue to be challenging now, I feel Jupiter cushions it a bit.

The way I read this as an evolutionary intention, is to cultivate more of a soul centered faith in the divine plan. It’s really hard, even for innately optimistic people, to be positive now. I get it, we’ve been dragged through the mud, but Jupiter is nudging us and reminds us to stay hopeful. It’s the faith builder, and when in the sign of the Mystic, it is able to smile in the face of hardship because it gets the cosmic joke of it all. Through the connection of the simplicity of the present moment Taurus-style, we can more easily connect with the Jupiter/Pisces potential of divine wisdom.

We are just a blip on the radar of Earth’s evolution, and this is all part of the divine plan, as we are been called to raise our consciousness to a significant degree, so that we can manifest a higher expression of the Aquarian Age. By understanding Jupiter’s encouraging wisdom, we can strengthen our faith in ourselves, and in the human future. Meditation and anything spiritual will deepen this connection. What role is your soul playing in this human choose your co-creative adventure novel? Do you want to be a positive force in the face of extreme hardship? Jupiter is saying “we need you”. Bring the very best of you always, despite everything. The more we do that collectively, the more likely we manifest a better future for all.

That’s the evolutionary intention, with the goal always – to expand our consciousness.

Your ally in evolution,

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