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Realizing The Matrix

Mar 1, 2023


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M​arch is easily the most dramatic energetic shift of all of 2023. All western astrologers are keenly aware of the enormity of this transitional month. Two major events occur: Saturn enters Pisces on March 7th, and will be in this sign until May 2025, and Pluto enters Aquarius for the first time March 23rd until June 11th. Both are major events, and for them both to occur in the same month is rare. Let’s start with the latter.



T​his 2.5 month entrance into Aquarius is a sneak preview for what’s to come with Pluto in Aquarius. In June, Pluto will return to Capricorn through retrogradation, and won’t re-enter Aquarius until early 2024. It will make an additional brief exit from Aquarius again in September 2024, and then will be fully in Aquarius from November 2024 until November 2043. This is basically a 20 year cycle, and now that we got all the dates out of the way, let’s just say Pluto entering a new sign signals a generational shift within the collective.



Everything in astrology represents a range of potentials within this realm of duality. When Pluto activates a new sign, it accentuates the extremes of each end of the juxtaposition. It’s the planet of extremes, but also the planet of transformation. It’s energy highlights the extremes to showcase possibilities so they are more obvious, and then as we experience those extremes, the collective transforms. In which direction along the polarity scale we transform into is up to us as a collective.






Usually what’s more obvious initially are the extreme negatives that Pluto triggers. For example, the economic crash of 2008 as Pluto entered Capricorn. Also, the people living in fear consciousness will promote the darkness more than the light because that’s the frequency they resonate with and attract into their perception of reality. The media doesn’t help with this either since most of what they promote is information that will attract the most eyeballs. It’s important to shine a spotlight on the dark, as long as it doesn’t completely overshadow the beautiful occurrences that also happen. During this initial sneak preview with Pluto in Aquarius, keep an eye out for the extreme manifestations happening on the planet. These events will highlight what’s to come as Pluto starts to solidify itself in Aquarius in 2024.



T​he sign of Aquarius is archetypally known as “The Revolutionary and The Genius”. It’s a sign that gravitates towards freedom and independence. This includes personal sovereignty and existential freedom as well as freedom of ideas. Aquarius is the engine that drives social change because it pushes us to evolve and individuate. As more people leverage their own ingeniousness, the more rapidly we evolve into a new world. Aquarius also represents the evolution of technology – which will be the biggest focal point of this new world.



I​n light of that, the extreme dark side of this could be using technology to control us much more than it already has been. We can go darker still if we start talking about the negative implications of AI technology, or transhumanism. We can again go darker still and think about the technology we use in warfare, and how we could potentially destroy ourselves with it. These aren’t comfortable things to say, but they are part of our reality even now, and over the coming decades, we will continue to wrestle with these and at increasingly higher stakes.





M​ore positively, technology can be used for good. With Pluto in Aquarius for these two decades, I believe we will see amazing advancements in technology around health, energy, and navigation – especially over the next 3-4 years as all the outer planets change signs. Since we started to enter the Age of Aquarius right around the wright brother’s first flight, we’ve seen great technological advancement, but the cliche that comes to mind is “you ain’t seen nothin‘ yet”!


Physics has basically stagnated since the 50’s because we got stuck on “string theory”, but I believe physics is about to have another major breakthrough within the next few years. What Einstein did to Newton, is about to happen to Einstein over the coming years, and will change everything as we know it. I wouldn’t be surprised if we start to understand how interplanetary and interstellar travel works. This polarity scale is equal parts exciting and horrifying, and that’s Pluto’s job – to highlight the stark polarity between light and dark as a motivational energy towards transformation.



N​ow, onto the other event of Saturn entering into Pisces. Saturn, the sign of the Elder, is entering the sign of the Mystic. The Elder is a symbol of wisdom. Wisdom is gained through experience, but wisdom can sometimes calcify into rigidity, and on a collective level an understanding of what reality is tends to cement itself. Pisces the Mystic, at the highest level, is about cosmic consciousness and enlightenment. These are abstract notions but they are the essence of Pisces. So we could say Pisces represents a higher Truth than what Saturn displays as accepted habitual truth. Saturn entering into Pisces is a collision between historical truth and the Ultimate Truth.



“​History is a lie agreed upon” – Napolean Bonaparte



S​ince Neptune entered into Pisces around 2012, and continues until 2025, we’ve been called to evolve spiritually. However, one of the challenges of this transit, is mass delusion. Tribal consciousness has gotten so out of hand because of mass delusion on an epic scale, and what Saturn in Pisces and the upcoming Saturn/Neptune conjunctions means for us, is that we will be getting closer to Reality. This can be disconcerting since some people’s whole identity has been wrapped up in delusion, and this time will be a confusing and illuminating time to many. Saturn in Pisces starts to blur the lines of reality between what’s real and not real. T​his feels like a red pill moment for humanity over the next 2.5 years, and of course Pluto in Aquarius will be a major part of this deeper level of Understanding.


“The Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.” – Morpheus

At the deepest level, we are being called to open our eyes to a truth that is much closer to Ultimate Truth. Leave it to Saturn, the planet of reality checks to help facilitate that illumination.


W​hat about working with Saturn in Pisces on an individual level? How can I do my own part in realizing Truth? Saturn, the planet of hard work and discipline in the sign of the Mystic. Practicing spiritual discipline is the heart of working with this on a personal level. The more you commit to a consistent spiritual practice, the more you prepare yourself for this new world. Spiritual practice means so many different things, but it basically comes down to how you talk to God. Grounding yourself in a structured practice is doing the hard work necessary to elevate your consciousness to a much higher level. The flip side is if we don’t do the hard prerequisite spiritual work, then the entrance into this new reality can be much more jarring because we would more likely still be in fear consciousness instead of love and light.


“You must let go Neo. Let go of fear, doubt, disbelief… Free your mind.” – Morpheus


These are the core evolutionary intentions, with the goal always – to expand our consciousness.


Your ally in evolution,

Astrologer at



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  *QUICK ANNOUNCEMENT* - I'm hosting a free guided meditation every week live on Zoom.  The live calls will be every Sunday at 7pm UK time (11am PST, 2pm EST).  This is the best time I could find that works for me, and most time zones.  Bring an open heart and a...

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