Past Life Webinar

A primary question that often gets overlooked in Astrology is, “WHY do I have the birth chart that I have in this life?”
That question of WHY is always an important one to tackle if we want to dig deeper into our unfolding journey.
What is the purpose of some of my lessons I’m learning this life? This can be understood by studying the nodes of the Moon.
In this 4 hour webinar, Bryan will discuss the meaning of the nodes, how to read them, and how to create a past life story that resonates with the symbolism of the nodal structure.
Bryan will teach also: 
The past life meaning of the:
– 12 Signs of the Nodes
– The 12 houses of the Nodes
– The aspects to the Nodes
– How to weave in all this together
It’s a great skill to have so that you can more deeply understand your own journey as well as your loved ones.
A true understanding about the journey of our souls leads to compassion, and compassion leads to a higher level of consciousness.
Join Bryan in this karmic deep dive so that we may put our personal growth and evolution into hyper-drive!
WAS Live on May 16th 2020, NOW IS RECORDED! 
4 hours long webinar 
Price: $81

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