Intro to Evolutionary Astrology 10Hour Course

Have you been starting to pick up bits and pieces of astrology, and now feel you might be ready to start putting it together into a cohesive system? Then this video course is for you! In this workshop you’ll learn Bryan Colter’s approach. Bryan will help you discover not only what the astrological symbols mean, but also how to put them together. Under Bryan’s guidance, you’ll take the first steps towards the artful blending of the complex archetypal patterns found in the birth chart into a cohesive story that both you and your clients and friends can understand and resonate with.

Bryan introduces the major bottle-neck of astrology: the 42 main puzzle pieces of the chart, which are the planets, the signs, the houses and the nodes. Then he teaches you how to start connecting them. What does it mean when the Ascendant is in Leo? And what if Uranus is opposing that same Ascendant? Learn how to dance with the astrological language, which becomes more poetry than science once you’ve nailed down the fundamentals. Follow along as Bryan guides you through the first steps in chart interpretation with easy-to-understand examples.

This introductory course is presented in two parts.  The first part is focused on the theory and working with the 42 piece bottleneck.  For the entire second half of the course, after all 42 pieces have been introduced, Bryan presents the actual birth chart of a mystery person. You’ll follow along as Bryan puts the pieces together, culminating in the complex symphony that is a life understood through the wonderful lens of the astrological system.
In Evolutionary Astrology, the focus is on the potentials described by the chart – both high and low, light and dark. You learn what it looks like when the symbols are being actualized to their highest potential, and what it looks like when things have turned into a mess. Ultimately this system seeks to empower the user, whether that’s you, your clients, or your friends. This workshop will give you the tools to take the first steps in that direction.
10 hours of video

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