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We incarnate here on earth to learn, mature, and evolve. Evolutionary Astrology is a tool that can help us to accelerate the process.

Peace foot forward

Oct 1, 2021


Putting our peace foot forward!


We are officially in the Libra season for most of the month of October, so it’s a good month to contemplate deeply the evolutionary intention of Libra. Not only is the Sun in Libra, but it’s also joined by Mars, and Mercury is in retrograde in Libra most of the month. With retrograde Mercury, be on the lookout for your technological devices to go haywire! Also, it’s good to be careful about scheduling critical appointments. That’s a common understanding of Mercury retrograde. Going a bit deeper though, when a planet is retrograde the energy of that planetary archetype is introverted and turned inward. With Mercury specifically, it represents the mind and intelligence, so the mind turned inward, aimed more towards reflection. This is inviting us to think deeply about, and to edit our perceptual framework associated with the evolutionary intention of Libra.

To do that, we allow the cosmic beauty Venus to dance her way through our consciousness, because Venus is the planet that rules Libra. Venus goes by many names, but one core archetype for her is the Goddess of Peace. She sweetly invites us to invoke deeper feelings of serenity and calm within our psyches. Easier said than done on planet Earth, but the goal is the same: to make a perpetual peace treaty with chaos.

What are the Libran methods of achieving this evolutionary goal? Well for starters, Libra is the sign of the Artist. It’s not so much about creating art, although it includes that, but it’s more about the perception of beauty translating to inner beauty and inner peace. This is a good time to allow all creations of the world to seep into your consciousness. Let’s say you are lost in the chaos of the world, and walking down a busy street while looking at your cell phone, and then you turn a random corner and all of a sudden you are facing west. You look up, and to your amazement, you see the type of sunset you only see once or twice per year. You gaze at all the reds, oranges, and yellows that are painting the evening sky. Even though you were previously wrapped up in the busyness of life, now you are enraptured in the gorgeous sight before you. You know the next line, it’s “AHHHHH”. We sigh in the presence of beauty, and what is a sigh, but a release of tension.



One of the core prescriptions for October is, buy flowers, invest in music, keep things clean and orderly, etc, and you will find that outer beauty translates rather quickly to inner beauty and inner peace. The perception of beauty is one powerful spiritual discipline for Libra, but it’s not sufficient unto itself.

With Mercury retrograde in Libra, it helpful to go into deep reflection on the archetype of the Scales. We measure out an ounce of lead and gold onto each tray of the platform balance. Although they are very different substances, they find a balance point. As is normal with archetypes, we can take this symbol in many directions, but here we can contemplate on the idea of balance between opposing ideas. The goal here is to honor the tension between valid opposites, and try to revel in life’s paradoxes. Our individual growth is accelerated when we learn to listen to people who see things differently than we do. That is really up for us now.



What kind of paradoxes? Well, any… but we can focus this even more by tying in Madam Venus herself, and recognize that this month she is changing signs into Sagittarius. This will help to focus the Libran balancing act. With Venus in Sagittarius, this focuses on one of life’s greatest paradoxes: love and freedom. Of course many will feel this tension of opposites in their personal lives if Venus is transiting through a relationship section of their chart. As a collective though, we can project this idea onto white wall of Life, and see that we are invited to decline falling into the dark side of Sagittarius which is judgmental dogmatic certainty, about who is compassionate and loving, and who isn’t. Too often people who value freedom are judged as selfish and lacking compassion. That may be true sometimes, but only in extreme cases. Instead, try to rest within the paradox of opposing ideas, and recognizing the truth on both sides of the paradox.

Good evolutionary astrology questions to ask yourself this month are:

How can I build a stronger bridge of rapport with people I disagree with?

I need to take myself out on a self-love date, what beauties can I discover and appreciate?

If we tap into the more evolved expression of this archetypal field, we feel that curious, resilient, and energetic heart of Sagittarius, which has the ability to build bridges across cultural and social divides.

In the wise words of Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along?!?!”

These are the core evolutionary intentions, with the goal always – to expand our consciousness.


Your ally in evolution,

Astrologer at


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