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We incarnate here on earth to learn, mature, and evolve. Evolutionary Astrology is a tool that can help us to accelerate the process.

From ice to vapor

Mar 6, 2021

There’s a dramatic shift in energy this month as we move from a heavy dose of fixed sign energy into mutable. Over the last two months we’ve had a lot planets in the fixed signs of Aquarius and Taurus. Fixed sign energy feels a bit slow-moving and static sometimes. It can get stuck-in-place and it’s associated with words like stubbornness and rigidity. There are beautiful qualities to fixed signs too, but because of the overall tone of the beginning of the year astrologically, the negatives seemed to have been accentuated.

We also add to this – Uranus and Saturn have been and still are in this ongoing square to each other. This energy feels like a stand-off in a way. This points to the overall energy of the year – which is the tension between law and order, and freedom and independence. The imagery that comes to mind is the famous showdown from the wild west in America. There the sheriff and outlaw stand facing each other, 20 paces apart. Sweat dripping down their faces from the blaring hot sun. Fingers slightly twitching above their gun handles. Waiting for the moment of truth.

Obvious this is a very extreme example of a very violent time in human history, and I’m not correlating violence to this year at all. It is however a useful image that represents the tension between the Uranus Saturn square. The Sheriff represents the power of the law, and rules imposed on society to keep order. The outlaw represents the urge to buck the system, and rebel. An outlaw is a criminal so it is connected to a dark side of Uranus energy, but it’s still Uranian. The high end expression of Uranus are love motivated people who want to evolve into a better future and peacefully demand change on collective levels. The first two months of this year have held a lot of tension, as people grow increasing uncomfortable with uncertainty. The start has been heated, but slow moving.

Now in March we start to shift in the mutable signs of Pisces and Gemini. Mutable signs are about adaptability and flexibility. People with strong mutable energy in their charts tend to always be on the move, multitasking, and endlessly going in new fresh directions. There’s a potential danger in that of course, one being a dispersal of energy, but it’s still about movement. On March 3rd Mars leaves Taurus and enters Gemini. The Sun, Neptune, and Venus are in Pisces, soon to be joined by Mercury on the 15th. Mercury has recently stopped its retrogradation and is moving direct, further adding to the acceleration of energy. We still have some planets in Aquarius and Taurus, but their grip is loosening substantially as we transition into March.

It makes me think of the changing phases of matter from ice to vapor. While the water is frozen, the atoms don’t move very much, but as the water transitions to liquid and vapor the atoms start accelerating quickly. That’s a way of describing our entrance into March. This is a breath of fresh air. Hopefully this has a connection to the lock down and things loosening up a bit as covid numbers continue to go down. If that happens, so to will a dramatic increase of our movement and productivity.

That’s generalizing the energy globally, but what about using this month’s energy on our personal journeys as we continue to evolve? Well, the first three weeks of the month are very Pisces dominate, and this comes to a head March 13th as we have the New Moon in Pisces. The New Moon will be conjunct Neptune and Venus, also in sextile to Pluto. I will talk a lot more about this in my upcoming New Moon video on my YouTube channel, but this is a good time to go within and apply that adaptable energy towards re-dreaming our lives as we break free from Mercury retrograde period and now have the mobility to change our soul centered directions.

Also, through the Mystic archetype of Pisces, deepening our faith in the divine plan, as we recognize that although it’s been a bumpy road for all of us, life is purposeful in this interconnected Universe of meaning. The ultimate purpose is growth of course, and that growth process has come with growing pains, but we are transitioning into a new way of being and living. As we connect with that still point within, we can more deeply intuit our places within the divine plan.

Then in the last 10 days of March we shift more in Aries and Libra energy as Venus enters Aries on the 21st, and we have the Lira Full Moon on the 28th. The personal shift will then we more focused on our close relationships as we try to compassionately confront, feel and heal nagging interpersonal imbalances and flaws. How amazingly you can iron out those wrinkles is dependent on how deep you can go within during the first half of the month. The cultivated Piscean compassion and centered-ness can help bring more awareness to our triggers and allow space for less reactivity as you try to deepen your connection to those you love.

All in all, this month is a welcome change, as we start to move in circles around great change.

That’s the evolutionary intention, with the goal always – to expand our consciousness.

Your ally in evolution,

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