I’ve had a ton of readings and NONE like Bryan. This whole concept of Evolutionary Astrology was wonderful – none of this “this year you’ll be influenced by …” but more about “Higher and Lower manifestations in life … ” with advice from a “prescriptive” perspective – “… strategies for my rate of growth.” Bryan read me like a book and gave me some great advice that I’ve NEVER gotten from an astrologer, much less many healers. Hire him. What are you waiting for? A sign? This is it.  – Kenji O.

Great experience! Having your birth chart read provides very valuable information.  It’s like having a map of your life, past and present, revealing the patterns that affect all areas of your life, negative or positive.  After having mine read I was able to focus and hone my strengths and work on the things that were holding me back from reaching my full potential. Bryan will win over even the staunchest skeptic! – Monica L.

I am just amazed at what Bryan can do!  I had always wanted to have my chart read but really didn’t know who to go to as there are some dishonest ones out there. Bryan’s reputation precedes him. It’s funny, you get a feeling about who you are but most of us don’t believe it or just don’t listen. Bryan confirmed these feeling I always had but didn’t believe. He has totally opened my eyes to who I am and how it came about. Really amazing! I think we should all have a reading like this to set us on the straight and narrow and help us know who we REALLY are.  – Hilary A.

The astrology reading I received from Bryan Colter blew my mind! I was absolutely amazed on how accurate his reading was. In the past I have been skeptical about astrology readings, Bryan completely changed my mind, I am now a believer! Bryan’s reading provided me with valuable knowledge, insight and guidance in my life. I highly recommend getting a reading from Bryan Colter!  – Leah K.

Here’s to a 5 star review. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Bryan. First off, I felt so bad for having rescheduled with him a few times, but Bryan was always kind and understanding about it.

Our sessions started promptly at the scheduled time. He introduced the meaning behind my signs, where each is located, and how it all has impacted my life choices. He was incredibly thorough and answered all of my questions. Thank you Bryan!  – Marcia S.

What a talented and gifted man Bryan is! He’s so full of knowledge and passion on reading birth charts. Bryan dissects and articulates the reading so that it’s easily understood by anyone, and makes recommendations on activities/books/resources for any information that comes to him during the reading.

This man is incredible! It was such a pleasure having our readings done by you, thank you Bryan!  – Elizabeth S.

Bryan is a very gifted and warm hearted evolutionary astrologer. His passion for this work speaks for itself. I personally work with Bryan along with sending my clientele and loved ones to him because of the phenomenal work he does and delivers. His way to articulate the meaning of “the charts” is completely mind blowing. Every person I’ve sent to Bryan has come back feeling uplifted and encouraged. He quickly became one of my success partners for my business! I highly recommend everyone have an experience with him.  – Soniyah S.

I had the pleasure to work with Bryan. He is very descriptive, in details, very very knowledgeable to explain your birth chart the best possible way so it gives a clarity who you are, why are you here, your lessons, your weaknesses, strengths, your gifts, what grounds you or what you should do to better yourself. Well spent money. He is very good.  – Janka G.

Having a reading with Bryan will take you into a deep journey of the soul. The information he provides is accurate and immensely helpful to understand the “why’s” of life. This understanding is beyond the intellectual take most practitioners convey. He holds a space for heart felt truths that resonate at every level of existence. I am a psychotherapist that works at a soul level. He met me there with a different modality. I can’t recommend enough a reading with him! He weaves astrology, past lives and karma into your reading. At this time in life we need different tools to navigate the strong energy moving in the world. Our calling is to step fully into our lives. Bryan’s work is a wonderful guide for that process.  – Veronica H.

My session with Bryan was and is imprinted in my mind as basic truths that are so easily drowned out. We are each here on Earth for a reason, each a unique person. Not only shaped by our genes and familial and societal environments, but by our core. Our Spirit.

Though I am open-minded, I have never given astrology a chance and was very skeptical. Bryan didn’t sugar-coat or press any agenda. He is a man who is studied in the art of an ancient practice. Not only does he clearly present the themes of your chart, but he approaches them with practical applications for your life.

If you want clarity I highly recommend Bryan.

Bonus: Your session will be recorded for you in mp3 so you can further dissect all the information he presents to you.  – Bryan T.

I recently felt the impulse to have a birth chart reading since I only had one once 20+ years ago. I let my intuition and the internet guide me to Bryan (he lived nearby and had good reviews). I was thrilled to know he studied with Steven Forrest who wrote ‘The Inner Sky”, a book I had just recently purchased and fell in love with. Anyway, about the reading. Bryan is super friendly and obviously really prepared. He had already delved pretty deep into my chart prior to my arrival and had lots of notes. What I appreciated was he looked at and focused on patterns rather than waste time on less important details. He also used great analogies and story telling to make a point. There were so many a-ha moments that I was grateful he was recording the session as I knew I would want to go back multiple times to reflect. Another great quality is he doesn’t sugar coat challenging areas of the chart, instead he emphasizes them as an opportunity to grow and evolve. The reading was full spectrum and I am still contemplating so much of what he revealed to me. I definitely am going back to Bryan for a Transit reading and highly recommend him if you are looking for a wonderful chart reading experience.  – Maren G.

My session with Bryan was really terrific and I highly recommend Bryan to anyone looking for clarity, confirmation, deeper self-awareness and also tangible actions to create more life balance.  I appreciate this type of astrology much more than the conventional. It fits in my philosophy and approach to life.  I found the session professional (not fluffy), informative, helpful, inspiring, encouraging and very spot on! I appreciate the fastness of Bryan’s knowledge of the soul’s (path past, present and future). While I know myself pretty well, I found it particularly interesting that he approached both the light sides and the shadow sides and gave prescriptive suggestions of how to create balance within.  Moreover, we did the session by video, so it was convenient!  – Abigail C.

My reading with Bryan was amazing! It was such a great experience. He is great at helping you understand how the stars affect your current world and is descriptive and detailed about exactly what they mean. I really enjoyed the time I spent with him and walked away with a new perspective on both my path and my idea of astrology in general. A reading with him is totally worth your time and I highly recommend it!  – Renee P.

Bryan was incredibly accurate in all four of our family’s readings. I have personally been into astrology for over 50 years….his intuitive knowledge and interpretation were spot on. We enjoyed learning about our earthly paths..recommendations to get the most out of ourselves and truly unique were the past lives aspects. Bryan delivers the message with no judgement only kindness. He is awesome! We have a special gift in Bryan, we highly recommend him and we will utilize his services again….perhaps in compatibility readings.  – Jeanette K.

Bryan’s insight and intuition are spot on. Very glad I had a reading. His interpretation of my chart was thorough and accurate. He also did a reading for my son and his girlfriend and he was very sensitive and thoughtful as he explained the nuances of their charts as well. Great experience, thanks Bryan!  – Linda C.

Bryan is not only very meticulous in his research, but he is articulate in his delivery while cleverly interjecting humor into his reading. While astrology has always intrigued me, I was not entirely certain just how it worked, but Bryan answered all of my questions. Furthermore, it was a delight to hear just how relevant and affirming his suggestions were. I would absolutely recommend Bryan and personally seek his services again for any future readings.  – Jill C.

I have done all 3 of Bryan’s readings with him and have found each one incredibly empowering. I especially loved how the Birthchart reading highlighted my strengths and uncovered aspects that I had yet to explore. It was profoundly helpful in confirming that I am indeed heading on the right path of what I’m here to do in this life; giving me greater permission to let go of beliefs and structures that were no longer serving me and choose the ones that do. Bryan has a beautiful way of guiding you through the story of your chart so that you are empowered to take steps that feel right for you.  – Shannon G.

I was new to astrology before I met Bryan. Having dabbled in psychics over the last year, I thought this would be a fun way to learn more about myself from a different resource.

Bryan wow’ed me. Not only was he able to tell me about my past life that was an echo from the work I had previously done, he was able to go further into it and give me a roadmap. And he was able to do this by my birth chart — I was blown away. There are so many mysteries to this world and I am in love with how the mystical arts allow us to see ourselves in a magical reflection.

Bryans’ command of astrology offered me some very valuable insight into my behavior in a past life. He was able to shed light on the topic of my karma, and what my mission is on earth. It was pure brilliance. And the fact that I am already on my path is just further proof that the magic he delivered is an omen to the life path I have chosen.

I highly recommend Bryan. – John Wayne

I found Bryan to be professional and highly informative in his reading. His astrology was spot on and validated so many things for me, which gave me much peace. He took time explaining everything to me in a way that was easy to understand. I highly recommend Bryan’s work.  – Rachel P.

If you’re looking for a poetic articulation of your natal chart that’s nuanced, detailed, and incredibly thorough, Bryan is your person. He’s got extraordinary insight, talent and discipline. He’s a great professional!  – Lisa P.

To have an amazing astrologer such a Bryan in the Monterey area is truly a blessing! 

I have received several readings from Bryan and each one has helped me in completely profound ways.  He brings an extremely tangible perspective to astrology that I have not found in any other reading I have ever received. (And I have had a lot!)  His descriptions and examples are original and displayed under a light of compassion. Most importantly, he is incredibly mindful and in his approach to astrology and makes you feel safe and appreciated.  He is not one to lose sight of the fact that you are a human being, on a journey, with emotions and feelings. 

Evolutionary astrology beautifully illuminates the lights and shadows of our personal potential and Bryan has a lovely approach to blending some of the classic (with a modern spin) archetypes to help us grow spiritually.  He truly has a gift for this!

After my very first session with him I was beyond inspired by the art and wisdom of this healing modality. If you are struggling in any aspect of your life, be it work, love, connection with the divine etc.. Bryan has an incredible skill not just to illuminate where these struggles exist, but also how your personality can best thrive in these realms.  Bryan’s gift has been an invaluable tool that has time and time again helped me on my spiritual and physical path. 

Thank you Bryan!  – Hannah M.

I’d like to highly recommend Bryan for an astrology reading. I had an amazing reading that was incredibly useful and informative. He explained things in a way that I could take with me into my life to make positive changes. Bryan is very wise and deep and clear. The reading was really helpful information and I couldn’t be more pleased with his services!  – Jennifer J.

I highly recommend Bryan Colter for is astrology reading. Not only is he an illuminating presence, his talent in astrology reading is invaluable. His incredible perceptiveness into situations that he has no personal connection to only goes to show his skill. He offered insights into my own patterns and constructive feedback to learn how to help myself. He also gave me some insight into my past AND my immediate future. In addition, while I may be a compassionate person by nature, he helped to enhance my compassion by explaining ways that I can support my partner and his daughter. I am a better partner and mother figure/friend as a result.

He is a true talent, and a wonderful person! And he is worth every penny!  – Katy C.

Those that know me, know I rarely refer/recommend anyone because my bar is extremely high.

I highly recommend Bryan and his astrology services!

He’s one of the best. His wisdom, insights & interpretations of my charts/transits, for both me & my children, have been profound & life-changing. I think every human being needs this road map & every parent is better off understanding his/her child’s blueprint. Bryan makes simple sense of something so complex.

Can’t say enough good things…  – Deeann M.

My reading with Bryan was very illuminating. Thru the years I have worked with many different healers, clairvoyants and astrologers yet he revealed things about my karmic story and dimensions of my personality that no one has ever shared. The reading was very insightful and a highly recommend him to anyone who is committed in their journey of self discovery.  – Gabe S.

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