Birthchart Reading

The birth chart, a blueprint of your psyche, describes your deepest inner workings, your strengths, and your challenges.
With this introspective work, I will describe opportunities for evolutionary growth and offer suggestions for engaging creatively with your core nature.


Time: 1 hr

Price: $180.00

Looking Forward Reading

Using knowledge of your birth chart as context, we look into the current astrological weather to gain insight into navigating your current life experience, and themes to work with as you move forward.


Time: 1 hr

Price: $180.00

Transformation Package

With this truly transformational work, the prime objective is to raise your consciousness.  We use your personal astrology as a context to understand your limiting beliefs and behaviors, and then use meditative and esoteric techniques to bring forward your best self.  This is a deep dive into healing from traumatic experiences, emotional strength training, and a cultivation of your highest values and life purpose.


Time: (8 Bi-weekly sessions over 4 months) 1 hr Sessions

Price: $1080.00

Past Life Reading

What I call the chart behind the chart, this is a deep look at your past life story.  It uncovers critical clues in the unfolding journey of your soul, and what karmic lesson plan you are on.  Also, I describe ways to help accelerate the learning and balance out your karmic condition.  This is a 20 minute pre-recorded reading.


Price: $72.00

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