Inspiring people to live their greatest life through the language of astrology.

We incarnate here on earth to learn, mature, and evolve. Evolutionary Astrology is a tool that can help us to accelerate the process.

My Approach to Astrology

I focus on empowering your optimal potential.  I don’t shy away from the darker manifestations of a chart. Above all, I honor the free will and the creative super power we all possess.  

  • I’m not a fortune teller. I don’t make predictions. I point to potentials and themes in your life.

  • I empower you to make better decisions.

  • I focus on psychological and spiritual development and I pinpoint paths of evolution.  

  • I include a karmic analysis so that you can understand the “chart behind the chart”.

My Story

In my late twenties I was a professional poker player.  It was exciting and lucrative, but it didn’t feed my soul. Then my Saturn return hit, and after a series of events, a special friend of mine inspired me to live differently.

With clarity of mind and a new sense of direction, I started to realize that my unhealthy lifestyle and desire to escape reality was due to emotional pain and suffering. So I focused on learning ways to heal myself. I grew a voracious appetite for reading. Books like The Power of Now, Journey of Souls, and The Untethered Soul kick-started my journey of self discovery, healing, and spiritual maturation. I studied Medical Qigong, Re-connective Healing, Chinese & Christian Mysticism, Jungian Psychology, and Evolutionary Astrology.

So here I am taking the knowledge I’ve gained and turning it outward onto the world. I’m a dedicated apprentice to Steven Forrest, astrologer extraordinaire. I’ve been studying with him intensely for 5 years now.

Work With Me


Schedule a Session

I need your date, exact time, and location of birth.


Carmel, CA, or over Skype.

What do you get out of a reading?

Each reading is about 90 minutes. I include a mp3 recording, as well as your birth chart. The common feedback I get is my client’s say they feel inspired, uplifted, empowered, and confirmed.

It’s Time To Get a Roadmap For Your Life.